Ergonomically designed for ease of use by the consumer, Sav-Ty™ has a great pour. Just flip up the tab, twist the cap by 90 degrees to open and drink, and then reseal. 

Sav-Ty™ is pressure resistant and leakproof.

It can be fitted to any of the current beverage can end shells or any can size and therefore seamed onto standard beverage cans using existing filling equipment without the need to adjust the filling line.

The Sav-Ty™ concept is extremely versatile. The screw cap can be tethered to the anti rotating support. Its integrated soft seal system can also accommodate a wide range of dispensing fitments. These can be reused to reduce the need for single-use plastic. 

The Sav-Ty™ Resealable End System opens a realm of possibilities for brand-owners to develop their own sustainable products with both two and three piece steel and aluminium cans.